Marla Ballard

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor, Master, Certificate of Science



Мои Открытые Классы

You and Your Inner Circle Taiwan, Republic of China Nov 2 - 4, 2021 Выучить больше
Manifesting and Abundance Leonardtown, MD  United States of America Dec 2 - 3, 2021 Выучить больше
Dig Deeper Leonardtown, MD  United States of America Dec 13 - 14, 2021 Выучить больше
You and the Creator Leonardtown, MD  United States of America Dec 15 - 16, 2021 Выучить больше
World Relations Leonardtown, MD  United States of America Dec 27 - 31, 2021 Выучить больше
You and the Earth Leonardtown, MD  United States of America Apr 18 - 19, 2022 Выучить больше
Intuitive Anatomy Leonardtown, MD  United States of America Sep 12 - 30, 2022 Выучить больше

Обо Мне

ThetaHealing has been and continues to be one of the most amazing and magical experiences I've ever had.  I was introduced to ThetaHealing by my business coach in 2015 to help me clear some old trauma that had me stuck and exhausted in many areas of my life.  It was amazing, and as I moved deeper into the training and develoment field, I knew that I wanted to make this technique avaialbe to help empower everyone I work with.  Feel free to reach out or schedule for a discovery call on my website.  I'd welcome connecting with you! 

Дополнительные полномочий

Co-Creator and CEO of Jump Off Point International
B.S. in Equine/Animal Science
Over 25 years of business experience and extensive background in providing consulting, mentoring, training and development for small business owners and career professionals.
10 years working with horses personally and professionally in the Thoroughbred Racing industry in Lexington, KY
Small animal healing and certified in canine acupressure
Certified Yu2Shine EFT Practitioner
Crystal Remote Viewing Practitioner
Board Member and Executive Director for My Freedom Center non-profit
Completing ThetaHealing Masters this Spring of 2021


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I am privileged to enjoy travelling to teach and share the amazing experience of ThetaHealing.  Please contact me directly by phone or email so we can determine how we can work together and whether we are a good fit.  It'll be great to connect with you!
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