Valeriia Nechyporenko

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor



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As many practitioners and healers, I became interested in this field as I wanted to change certain areas of my life and improve my health, while recovering from chronic Lyme disease.

After having explored many, many different therapies, processes and healing modalities I found ThetaHealing® to be absolutely life-changing.

I found it to be one of the most powerful and effective ways of making profound and lasting changes in a person’s life. I’m delighted and honored to be able to work with this healing modality and to have the wonderful privilege of being able to offer this to other people, to help them and be part of their healing journeys.

Дополнительные полномочий

Certified Life Coach
Access Bars
Quantum Touch Practitioner 
Mindfulnes Teacher
Energy Healer 
Crystal Healing 
Remote Sessions 


"My experience with Valeriia was truly Amazing! The Theta healing is a great tool to resolve many different problems. Valeriia herself is very knowledgeable at what she does. She was able to go straight to the issue and quickly resolve it for me. After our session I always feel like I can fly and conquer the World. Thank you for all of your work and efforts! I wish you an amazing journey with your calling. "


"Hello, Valeriia! I've had so many realizations since our last session. I feel like my heart has finally fully opened. I accepted so many things that I denied for years. This morning it was so cool to look at myself in the mirror – lots of love and gratitude. I also have a lot of energy and strong desire to move on and develop my business. It’s amazing because before we met, all I wanted to do is to sleep. My husband also looks at me with love and true passion now. Yesterday he gave me a bouquet of flowers for the first time in 5 years. Thank you very much! You saved my marriage and helped me to return to my true self. "


"Valeriia is a gifted healer that has helped me tremendously. She is gentle and precise, caring and direct, which makes her healings welcome and effective. Thank you Valeriia! "


"I've worked with several practitioners and I can say that Valeria is one of a kind! She has an energy about her that allows you to open up and she is very conscientious about helping you get the most value from working with her. You’ll be sure to get through years of therapy just in one session!"


"I have worked with Valeriia multiple times. She has helped me through various amounts of issues using her many healing techniques including Thetahealing. She has helped me with school pressure, work stress, interpersonal issues, and with health ailments such as migraines. Valeriia has a beautiful soul and is lovely to work with. I feel fully comfortable and peace when I am speaking with her. She always wholeheartedly listens to me and brings closure and healing into my life. Her energy work is spectacular! I have many times asked Valeriia for a healing session when I have been sick, and I have felt relief after every session. I truly recommend Valeriia as a healing practitioner."

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